erin andrews peephole naked video

One would think with all or the porn and nudity available on the internet that a peephole video would be the last thing to generate a trend. But, this is the famous ESPN reporter Erin Andrews.
erin andrews
Apparently the NSFW video (see below) was taken when she was changing/doing her hair/putting on make up in a hotel room...

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ASTALAVISTA has been destroyed by anti-sec group,the reasons according to them :

Why has Astalavista been targeted?

Other than the fact that they are not doing any of this for the “community” but
for the money, they spread exploits for kids, claim to be a security community
(with no real sense of security on their own servers), and ...

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Accessing a Windows computer without knowing the password is fairly simple with this free tool called Kon-Boot .There are alternatives like Ophcrack etc, but those rely on grabbing the SAM hashes and cracking those...

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