file description:

SMB BSOD for Vista sp1/sp2 and Win7 sp0, kinda like the old WinNuke exploits from Win95. img by: illwill

Used for a hacking challenge that needed a win95 box to be bluescreened, I coded this when i couldn’t find the old program anywhere on the net, so i mimic’d the gui and rewrote the simple code. by: illwill

Just a little tool that will BSOD a machine vulnerable to MS12-020. Tested on XP sp3, Download ::HERE::

winfo gives your quick information about your computer, CPU,RAM, IP addy, Windows version and service pack. Written in assembler by: illwill

Throwback app that simulates phone box tones (DTMF, blue, red,orange,silver,etc…) img by: illwill

[b]rowser grabs and displays images from /b/ forum threads on and allows you to save them or send to imageshack just in case the thread disappears. Tons of other features. by: doomdead

Program that steals AIM 6.x passwords and sends them to a remote .php script by: illwill

[GUI tool written in assembly that allows you to changed a networked HP Printer’s LCD screen text to whatever you want it to say (ex. Insert Coin.) by: illwill