What makes a true Street Racer?

by: kokabeel
What makes a true Street Racer?

A true street racer is the kinda person who if beaten doesn’t act pissy ,but rahter goes home, looks over what in the race he did wrong , and decides what he can do to soup up his car more so the next time he won’t be beat.Street racers love the rush of a race . …you see your match coming up fast behind you , he slows down and gets next to you,he reves up his engine and you know it’s on now.Stop light truns red and you and the guy are lined up ,( this is the only good real street racing you can do )this isn’t top speed this is pure acceleration. pure horse power…Light turns green, you slam it into 1st gear , your car burns out and smokes the tires.. you slam it into second…..then third .. you look back and see the head lights of the other racer and realize you’ve won .. you do the light show shit then slow down …. but what’s going on in the mind of a racer when those 20 seconds go by …..all you can really think about is wining.. and your heart beats so fast and your blood rushes.. its a drug….speed is a drug …..you can feel the awesome power of a car in those 20 seconds……After one race , your hooked..no matter if you win or lose…your hooked…if you lose you just go out and fix your car up so you wont lose again..but if you have the power and you win for the first time it’s such a rush….it’s addictive …like any man made drug .. you can’t stop it …. you always will want more ….I am a true street racer..it has been in my blood from the tme of my first race and will be in my blood till the day I die…but i’m not like the rest of the street racers … i’m a girl …..which if u can find another girl like me…..keep her……..we are hard to find

burden has hit the scene

by: burden
look around you. to the north. and to the east. and to the south. and to the west. burden has hit the scene again. and back with a vengeance. anger and pacifism at it’s best, or worst. so yeah. i seem to have been volunteered to become a new poster here. this should be fun. well… i’m gonna go have myself a b-rip. CHEERS!


by: xeo
Wrote a keylogger DLL in C which exports 2 functions. “StartHook” with syntax:
void StartHook(char* logpath);
logpath is the path for the logfile.
void StopHook();
stops logging
Sourcecode and compiled DLL will be under releases soon

fake trojan

still getting some left over pages from the little excitement over the person that posted a fake trojan .. obviously if the person was smart enough they would have seen the address to download was not from this website… i guess social engineering is on of the best ways to hack :)… anyhow if you were one of the stupid ones the aftermath of opening the shit would have left you with ill-logger2k,ill-icq,netdevil,illeagle webdl .. in your shit so go clean it out.. and yes my webdl is set for defualt to install a netdevil server form the address www.illmob.org/server.exe for my own purposes so i dont have to configure the shit all the time .. and for times when stupid newbies come to the site and click wrong files… i did also however connct to mostly everyone i could that was infected with this netdevil and told them what happened and how to remove the shit… anyhow im getting back to programming my shit