by admin

Saturday, May 18th, 2002 at 12:00 am

well i guess tuesdays the day i have to go .. fucking cops couldnt find the warrant or some shit.. fucking stupid pigs… anyhow ima do some updating to the page before i go and then detro and slacker are gonna be helping with the site when im out.. slacker is gonna be releasing some c++ programs that he made .. check for them soon in the releases section. anyhow im uploading more chix to my porn page so far 650 webcam pics or different chix and like 10 .avi and .mpg vids… anyhow it was my firends 18th birthday tonight and she decided she wanted to go to the nudy bar.. so me her and some other girl all went down to the nudy and had a kickass time mad strippers were rubbing their pussies in her face and shit it was kinda sweet…. anyhow im out.. ill post some more news tommorow

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