Fahrenheit 9/11

if you havent seen it. make sure you do. i’m telling you it will open your eyes about alot of things going on in the world today. being on the internet it gives the chance to talk to people from all over the world .. yea we get slack from some people who hate americans in general .. but alot of their propaganda they are force fed everyday is the same type of shit we hear… i can understand people hating us because of what we look like to other people… but its same all over the place.. we are not representative of our govt’s , half of us could careless whats going on in the world today as long as it doesnt interrupt our everyday lives. alot of shit behind it is money .. why are we at war with Iraq? because our president and other have interest in the oil? most likely .. but why kill innocent people over it? half this war is bullshit, sending underprivileged kids just out of high school to go over and get maimed or even killed before they even know what they wanna do in life. November couldnt come quick enough to get people like george bush out of office,,, fighting a war to try to impress his daddy and get rich off of it… what the media shows on tv everyday isnt half of the shit you people gotta know… i guarantee if you went and saw this movie it would change your views on alot of shit… anyhow its late the movie got out at 1:30 am and i need some sleep… get your asses to the theater and see it.. this is prolly the only movie i actually paid to see instead of downloading in a few years and it was worth every penny

Shout outs to all the motherfuckers putting their lives on the line in Iraq,

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