forced control sucks

02-28-2004 00:40

if any of you people that visit might wanna think twice about the new trojan theyre gonna release . FC as usual will plan to backdoor his crappy trojan infector NG, heres the proof one from one his little nit huggers ,subz….. ::HERE::: … it porves that subz and fc will also reciieve notification of your infected victims… you may or may not remember FC’s last release of infector also had a master password of ‘ ITS_ME_FC ‘ .. thos eof you familiar with the trojan community will also know that fc can’t code for shit and heavily relies on source code form b0gart and st0ner…. i think its prettyy funnny hes been hyping this program for a year claiming it has ‘never before seen features’ .. but when you go to his site youll see th wonly thing he added was features like ‘ Set New Cursor Rate Speed ‘ … omg phjear my cursor rate change , i 0wn3rz j00!!! … fc just quit now you fag. … blah anyhow im drunk so forgive my typing etc ..well if your have visited my sitelooking for paris hilton tape i have been notified by rick solomans lawyer that i cant sell it fom my site.. so if you want info on it email me @ Mail Me .. im going to bed to pass out

also added some new 0day shit .. if u bitches find this shit useful post osme fucking commants and show illwill some love

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