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Thursday, May 16th, 2002 at 12:00 am

18 hours left of freedom ,, bah .. well i figure tommorows a good day to turn myself in on a 50,000 warrant for failure to appear.. gee if this was new york or anything id have a 50$ bail and theyd tell me to scram… but anyhow im not sure how if theyre gonnalower the bond considoring im turning myself in and dick tracy and the camera crew from ‘cops’ dont have to come looking for me.. so ill prolly not be able to update for a little whiel .. unless by some lucky chance the judge just got laid and is in a good mood… i have a few other who post whenver the moon aligns properly with saturn .. so hopefully theyll update while im gone.. but ill give another update later on tonight.. if you wanna send me a good luck email send it to [email protected] blah im out

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