Internet Tools 1.0

Posted by PlutonX:
Well Internet Tools 1.0 = Failed. I had a power outage and lost my entire HD. But I saved about half the source code to Internet Tools.
It will be released later then soon.
Features Internet Tools had:
It’s own Chat program (Talk 1 on 1 with another)
A port scanner (Very fast) —Port Listener—
Anonymouse E-Mailer (Simple) and (Advanced) modes.
HTML Tools: View Source code (Without being on the page)
Resolve host IP
Custom Backgrounds: From a friend (James K. Polk)
Ping Whois
Brute Force with Proxy Compatibility
Brute Force included- FTP/POP3
Game BF: MIR (Wokring on it)
Proxy Scanner- Included SMTP Scan as well as
IRC Proxy Scanner.
That’s all I had on it. Uhmmm I’ll probably be working on it again starting monday (Gotta work) Drop me a message if you want me to add or remove something. That’s all for now Sorry for the inconvience

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