Link Dump 12/9/19

Simple tool to create HTA with Evading AV
CORS Misconfiguration Scanner.
Metasploit Shellcode Grows Up: Encrypted and Authenticated C Shells
SkelSec/pypykatz 0.3.0 released
rogerorr/DllSurrogate-dll to call x32com from x64 binaries
phackt/stager.dll- metasploit shellcode detection evasion
ANDRAX v4 DragonFly – Penetration Testing on Android
request smuggler
facebookincubator/WEASEL- DNS covert channel implant
Cobalt Strike 4.0 Released
macOS Red Team: Calling Apple APIs Without Building Binaries
antonioCoco/RogueWinRM – Windows Local Privilege Esc
xFreed0m/Disruption – Terraform script to deploy AD-based environment on Azure
b4rtik/ATPMiniDump – Evading WinDefender ATP credential-theft
sachinkamath/ntlmrecon – fast NTLM reconnaissance
Pwnagotchi 1.4.0 Released
FSecureLABS/awspx– Graph tool for access and resource relationships in AWS
leo-lb/wpbrute-rs – WordPress login bruteforcer
CVE-2019-2890 – PoC
harleo/asnipASN – IP range attack surface mapping
Mimikatz 2.2.0 20191125 – released
sailay1996/UAC_Bypass_In_The_WildWindows 10 UAC bypass for all executable files which are autoelevate true
0vercl0k/CVE-2019-11708 – Full exploit chain (CVE-2019-11708 & CVE-2019-9810) against Firefox on Windows 64-bit.

AMSI as a Service — Automating AV Evasion
Bad Binder: Android In-The-Wild Exploit
Getting Malicious Office Documents to Fire with Protected View
Weak encryption cipher and hardcoded cryptographic keys in Fortinet products
Reflected XSS in leads to account takeover
Cracking Mifare Classic cards with Proxmark3 RDV4
Red Team Diary, Entry #3: Custom Malware Development
Evading WinDefender ATP credential-theft
Dumping LSASS without Mimikatz with MiniDumpWriteDump
[CVE-2019-14899] Inferring and hijacking VPN-tunneled TCP connections.
HackerOne breach lets outside hacker read customers’ private bug reports
CVE-2019-12750: Symantec Endpoint Protection Local Privilege Escalation
BMW Infiltrated by Hackers Hunting for Automotive Trade Secrets
We thought they were potatoes but they were beans (from Service Accounts
Spilling Local Files via XXE When HTTP OOB Fails