MD5 & LM Rainbow Tables

finally the rainbow crack md5 loweralpha-numeric#1-8 tables are complete.. now comes the hard part.. we’re still working on a php front-end for users to crack from the web.. so that will take a while… also im going to be selling the complete tables which is 80 tables x 625MB which is 48 gigs of tables .. im going to have 2 options either selling on a 60 gig hard drive for $150 or 11 dvds for $75.

the LM Tables are Configuration #3 on the rainbow crack site which is
alpha-numeric-symbol14 = 30 tables …. 610meg x 30=17.8 gig
so 6 dvds for $50 or one 20 gig hard drive for $75

optionally you can buy both the LM & MD5 tables on DVD for $100
or on a hard drive for $175
hat will save you $25 either way and a shitload of time

i already have a few people already interested in buying.. so get your order in quick so you wont have to wait… payments will be made over paypal , please email me @ [email protected] for ordering information. shipping is avaiable to practically anywhere in the world

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