SubSeven Fails

The new version of SubSeven v2.3 was released. It takes fail to a whole new level. Upon first examination the files are packed with Aspack 2.12, which you can unpack using AspackDie, using a file like Bintext you can examine the strings inside Subseven.exe you will get some laughs at words spelled wrong

000E7260   004E7260      0   You Are Downloading a File plase wait till its finished
000E72A0   004E72A0      0   Sorry a fileserch is still in progress
000E73FC   004E73FC      0   E:\[!! Souce Code !!]\[Sub7 2009] [BetaIV]\IM.EXE

then you’ll see some stuff referring to nirsoft

0014C01C   0054C01C      0   NirSoft
0014C0EC   0054C0EC      0   MessenPass
0014C10A   0054C10A      0   LegalCopyright
0014C13E   0054C13E      0    2004 - 2009 Nir Sofer

Using ResourceHacker you can see that subseven contains 6 Nirsoft password recovery apps as resources inside the exe chromepass, iepv, pspv, PasswordFox, MessenPass, and Mail Passview.

Supposedly they claim Mobman, who coded the original Sub7 had passed on the sourcecode to them and they recoded it from the ground up , using someone else programs embedded into your program doesn’t qualify as “coding” , more like ripping, which FC (the wannabe coder) has been accused of in the past and seems to continue to do dragging down the subseven legacy.

The program itself unpacked is over 2mb showing FC still doesnt know how to optimize his Delphi code, another sign of being a pure ripper.10 years later and the newer one has the same tired features the original had , only shittier/buggier , hell even simple spyware has rootkit technology nowadays. I’m pretty sure mobman is sorry he ever gave them the greenlight to shit on his program.

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