werd to your moms,we came to drop bombs.

by admin

Friday, March 21st, 2003 at 12:14 am

on that fucking sandnigger saddam.
weeeeeeeee!!! we’re at war! yea well anyways we can sit here all day fighting about the pros and cons of going to war . but fuck it saddam and his govt are a bunch of scumbags running a country how they want it to be run.. they kill and torture people for stupid reasons.. so lets find him and kill him .. and bam let the people of iraq start a new country run by themselves with everyone voting together on rules and shit… nuff said
camscam is still going strong , ifriends patched their new software so some cams look blurry when viewed… but not to worry there is still thousands of girls running old software that you can still watch… so im prolly gonna lower the price of camscam for people until we figure out how to reverse their patch.. so shoot me an email and make me an offer.

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We love our country, but fear our government.