burden has hit the scene

by: burden
look around you. to the north. and to the east. and to the south. and to the west. burden has hit the scene again. and back with a vengeance. anger and pacifism at it’s best, or worst. so yeah. i seem to have been volunteered to become a new poster here. this should be fun. well… i’m gonna go have myself a b-rip. CHEERS!

fake trojan

still getting some left over pages from the little excitement over the person that posted a fake trojan .. obviously if the person was smart enough they would have seen the address to download was not from this website… i guess social engineering is on of the best ways to hack :)… anyhow if you were one of the stupid ones the aftermath of opening the shit would have left you with ill-logger2k,ill-icq,netdevil,illeagle webdl .. in your shit so go clean it out.. and yes my webdl is set for defualt to install a netdevil server form the address www.illmob.org/server.exe for my own purposes so i dont have to configure the shit all the time .. and for times when stupid newbies come to the site and click wrong files… i did also however connct to mostly everyone i could that was infected with this netdevil and told them what happened and how to remove the shit… anyhow im getting back to programming my shit